It was fun on EVERY SINGLE PAGE! Absolutely amazing and I loved it with the gumballs in this awesome story and stuff…

My 12 year old daughter absolutely hates to read but simply will not put this book down! I can’t get her to stop! We homeschool so she does read alot for school but not much recreational reading – until this book showed up on her Kindle!” 

“My grandson really enjoyed it & is looking forward to the next one. I would recommend it for any early elementary student.”

“This book is great for the kids. Along with being very entertaining AND keeping their interest, it sends a positive message of accepting everyone for who they are. That’s a message that everyone should remember!”

“This is a great book! I would highly recommend that others read it and it is a great read for children. It takes you into a world of imagination and makes you realize how important it is to be nice to others. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this book and I hope this author continues to write so I can read more of her books!”

“My 7yo recently became enamoured with a Gumball Machine his aunt gave him. He even brought it camping! So I went looking for books about gumball machines to enhance the ‘magic’ of owning one. I was not let down. I bought both this, and the second book. I am very happy with my purchase as my son is enjoying the books thoroughly. It makes his owning of his own gumball machine that little more magical.”



“Both my boys loved the story and the characters. The descriptions of the gumball world were intriguing and original. Michael and Daisy are both likeable characters (even adults will like them) and it is great to have Violet in there too – it provides a good multiracial atmosphere. The development of Joe’s character in the second book was great – going from being a bully to realizing his mistakes through the experiences with Sammy, his little brother. Having two boys of different ages I can vouch for the authenticity of the brother-brother love/tease/hate/love relationship, but love does conquer in the end.”

“We also loved the theme of coming into contact with the gumball world and its citizens – challenging the way we look at others who are different from us.”

“There is potential for a third book – and we are dying to know what is going to happen with the amazing magic gumball machine next!”


Tilly's Top-Secret Trapdoor

“Tilly’s Top-Secret Trapdoor is an excellent adventure. Tilly’s character developed throughout the story. I found myself cheering her on. The ending was perfect.”