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About Maureen:

Maureen Bartone is a multi-genre author of fiction for children and adults.

Her latest release, PAYNE Avenue, is a dark psychological thriller for adults and written under the pseudonym M.T. Bartone.

Maureen is also the author of three children’s fantasy-and-magic chapter books under her name, Maureen Bartone. 

Tilly’s Top-Secret Trapdoor,” is a NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARDS FINALIST in the Pre-Teen Fiction category. It tells the story of ten-year old Tilly, who has trouble making friends. Tilly loves to daydream, and in most of her dreams, she’s the most popular girl in school. It’s not a dream though, when one night, she finds a magic trapdoor hidden under her bed. She decides to check it out and soon finds herself in a secret world where she begins an adventure of magic and fun, unaware of the danger she is about to face.

Maureen’s book, “Life in the Gumball Machine” is a story about ten-year old Daisy, and her two friends, Michael, and Patrick. The three kids never imagined that a dusty old gumball machine could make them shrink small enough to be sucked inside. Once they are up inside the gumball machine, the tiny children meet two talking gumballs, and their adventure inside the magic gumball machine begins!

The sequel, “Life in the Gumball Machine-Vinnie and Gordy’s Return,” reunites Daisy, Michael, and Patrick in their quest to help their little gumball pals, Vinnie and Gordy, return safely to their home inside the gumball machine. The kids and Vinnie and Gordy quickly learn that the real world is a dangerous place for two tiny gumball people and keeping them safe would not be as easy as they’d thought.

Maureen Bartone is a St. Paul native and currently resides in the Twin Cities with her husband.


Why I love to write:

I see a potential character in every face. I hear the joy or pain in their voice. Sometimes, I create, if only for a moment, a story from the actions, movements, posture, and expressions of others. They speak to me and take me to places deep into my imagination. Reading a great story is a gift, and I am committed to spread the word to parents and their children about the wonders, the magic, and the importance of reading.

I am a writer and lover of all the arts. As a child, my sisters and I pretended to be singers in a band as we listened to our parents’ eclectic LP collection. I started piano lessons at the age of ten, and from that point, the arts, and specifically music, defined my identity and my passion. Through high school and college, I perfected my classical piano skills and sang with the University of Minnesota’s symphonic choir.

My writing started out slowly, with letters of sympathy to loved ones, and song lyrics and poetry written to no one other than myself. The musicality of the written word is what first drew me to my passion for writing. Like a song, the words, sentences, and paragraphs move and flow, creating a theme which sets a tone, whether of love and happiness or danger and fear. And with that tone, in my mind and in my heart, the music is always with me.

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M.T. Bartone, author of PAYNE Avenue
M.T. Bartone, author of PAYNE Avenue




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Maureen Bartone


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